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    住人集裝箱在冬季使用要注意什么?來源:http://www.wordfeudrecords.com   時間:2022-01-14
    It's cold in winter. Generally, air conditioners or heating equipment should be turned on in the resident containers. For northerners, they usually have central heating. The heating equipment runs through the whole construction site. Each resident container has heating. There is no need to worry about heating, but pay attention to drink more water to prevent various diseases caused by dry indoor air.
    For southerners, heating is a trouble. Generally, there is no central heating equipment in the south. People can only choose to install air conditioning or buy heating equipment if they want to warm.
    For people living in containers, it takes a lot of electricity to turn on the air conditioner. It is a little difficult to bear the electricity charge of turning on the air conditioner all day and every month. Therefore, people generally choose heating equipment with less power consumption, such as electric fan, electric blanket, electric water bag, etc. they can spend the winter comfortably in the house by wearing more clothes and warming their hands and feet.
    When using electrical appliances in residential containers, attention should be paid to the safety of electricity and fire prevention. In dry winter, the use of heating equipment inside residential containers will aggravate the degree of air dryness, and the rise of temperature will make it easier to catch fire. People should pay attention to the safety of electricity and prevent fire. Most of the time, fires in residential containers are caused by people pulling wires and using electrical appliances indiscriminately. People's weak awareness of fire prevention exacerbates the occurrence of fires.
    Many residential containers are not equipped with fire extinguishers. Once a fire breaks out, it is troublesome to extinguish it manually. The fire cannot be extinguished for a long time, resulting in the spread of the fire and greater losses. At the same time, whether the sandwich panel material of the living container is fireproof also has an important impact on the fire safety of the living container. Using the fireproof material as the sandwich panel core material can further reduce the probability of fire and better ensure the fire safety of the living container.
    Users living in containers should pay special attention to the safety of fire prevention and electricity when the air is dry in winter, and heat more scientifically and safely to ensure fire safety, so as to live more safely and comfortably.
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