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    集裝箱建筑:新一代綠色環保建筑,創新改變生活來源:http://www.wordfeudrecords.com   時間:2022-02-05
      Is there a building that is time-saving,labor-saving and green?Is there a living space that is both safe and comfortable and full of creativity?Container building gives people the answer.It takes the container as the basic module and adopts the manufacturing mode.After the structural construction and internal decoration of each module are completed by assembly line manufacturing in the factory,it is transported to the project site,and quickly combined into container house buildings with different styles(hotels,residences,schools,dormitories,factories,warehouses,exhibition halls,etc.)according to different purposes and functions.Like electric vehicles and wireless Internet,it is considered to be an important invention that is most likely to change human life style in the next decade.Compared with traditional construction methods,it is more environmentally friendly,more efficient,safer and more convenient.
      Container Resort
      In the traditional construction method,from foundation to molding,it must be piled up brick by brick on the construction site,while the container building introduces the container elements into the prefabricated building system.It retains the shape concept of the container,integrates the functions of overall movement and hoisting,completes the flow process of single module in the factory,mass production,and only needs to be assembled and spliced on the construction site,Shorten the construction time of the house by more than 60%,and replace manual production with mechanized production,which can save at least 70%of the labor cost,and ensure the best on-site management,material stacking and construction safety.At the same time,integrate the development of circular economy into its own strategic business,refit the house with the existing container as the basic module,and make full use of the existing resources,Taking advantage of the characteristics that the container steel column and side wall itself are the stressed steel structure of the building,the free combination of container modular units forms the basic structure of the building,which can save a lot of steel and concrete in the construction process,so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.
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