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    打包式箱房應該怎么裝修?來源:http://www.wordfeudrecords.com   時間:2022-04-25
    Packing box house is a choice for many construction sites. It is basically used without any decoration and has good living capacity. At that time, many enterprises will also choose packing box house as a kind of building and office space.
    The packed box house is composed of roof truss, floor slab, wall and foundation, which are reliably and firmly connected through special accessories Reliable and safe to use. As a long-term office or living place, you can decorate it, which can not only make your living environment better, but also improve your living happiness. So how should the packed box house be decorated? And on the basis of not damaging the box structure.
    1. The packaged box room is basically completed in the factory, such as the window, which is directly installed. It is not recommended that the user change the structure without authorization, remove the bolt components, and increase or reduce the partition. The specific details should be negotiated and communicated with the installer to avoid affecting the firmness of the structure.
    2. The construction of water and electricity equipment is also an important process of packing box movable house decoration, which is the same as that of family residence. Water pipes are also prepared early. These things have to be done before decoration.
    3. Simply lay the floor. In order to make the interior decoration of the packing box movable room more beautiful, it is necessary to lay a layer of floor leather. If conditions permit, you can lay a layer of wood floor, and then add a ceiling to the packing box movable room. You can use cheap PVC or buy integrated ceiling, and electric lamps can buy some beautiful ceiling lamps.
    4. Compared with ordinary houses, because the wall of the packing box is very thin, a major difference in the decoration of the packing box is to add an insulating layer on the wall. At present, the insulation layer of the general packing box on the construction site is only a thin layer of rock wool with tin paper.
    The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan packing box. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.wordfeudrecords.com
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